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dc.contributor.authorCastarlenas Rabassa, Pol
dc.contributor.authorGutierrez Bravo, Giancarlo
dc.contributor.otherTecnoCampus. Escola Superior de Ciències Socials i de l’Empresa del (ESCSET)ca
dc.descriptionTreball de final de grau- Curs 2020-2021ca
dc.description.abstractThe current project consists of the creation of a sport’s application based on incentives, in which the main objective is to create a healthier and self-conscious society through sport’s practice to mitigate the effects of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. It provides intrinsic and extrinsic motivational drivers to increase society’s willingness to engage in running activities by tracking kilometers accomplished to obtain
dc.subject.otherSocietat saludable, sedentarisme,
dc.titleCreation of an entrepreneurial project based on incentives: PAG Runningca
dc.contributor.tutorCorrea Pinzón, John Enrique

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