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  • Factors affecting time spent visiting heritage city areas 

    martinez-garcia, esther; Raya, Josep Maria; Galí, Núria (Sustainability. 2018;10(6):1824, 2018-06-01)
    Urban tourism is growing fast, and in many cities visitor influx tends to concentrate in historic urban centers. When there are large numbers of visitors, deepening the knowledge on visitor time consumption ...
  • Automatic analysis of Archimedes’ spiral for characterization of genetic essential tremor based on Shannon’s entropy and fractal dimension 

    López-de-Ipiña, Karmele; Solé-Casals, Jordi; Faundez-Zanuy, Marcos; Calvo, Pilar M.; Sesa-Nogueras, Enric; Roure Alcobé, Josep; Martinez de lizarduy, Unai; Beitia, Blanca; Fernandez, Elsa; Iradi, Jon; Garcia-Melero, Joseba; Bergareche, Alberto (Entropy. 2018;20(7):531, 2018-07-16)
    Among neural disorders related to movement, essential tremor has the highest prevalence; in fact, it is twenty times more common than Parkinson’s disease. The drawing of the Archimedes’ spiral is the ...
  • Quantitative analysis of relationship between hypokinetic dysarthria and the freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease 

    Mekyska, Jiri; Galaz, Zoltan; Kiska, Tomas; Zvoncak, Vojtech; Mucha, Jan; Smekal, Zdenek; Eliasova, Ilona; Kostalova, Milena; Mrackova, Martina; Fiedorova, Dagmar; Faundez-Zanuy, Marcos; Solé-Casals, Jordi; Gómez Vilda, Pedro; Rektorova, Irena (Cognitive Computation. 2018;10(6):1006-1018, 2018)
    Hypokinetic dysarthria (HD) and freezing of gait (FOG) are both axial symptoms that occur in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is assumed they have some common pathophysiological mechanisms and ...
  • Changes in phonation and their relations with progress of Parkinson’s disease 

    Galaz, Zoltan; Mekyska, Jiri; Zvoncak, Vojtech; Mucha, Jan; Kiska, Tomáš; Smekal, Zdenek; Eliasova, Ilona; Mrackova, Martina; Kostalova, Milena; Rektorova, Irena; Faundez-Zanuy, Marcos; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B.; Gomez-Vilda, Pedro (Applied Sciences. 2018;8(12):2339, 2018-11-22)
    Hypokinetic dysarthria, which is associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD), affects several speech dimensions, including phonation. Although the scientific community has dealt with a quantitative analysis ...
  • Memòria de la Biblioteca-CRAI: curs 2022-2023 

    Biblioteca (2023-11)
    Dades del servei de Biblioteca-CRAI del TecnoCampus al curs 2021-23